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Myths and Facts about Kidney Diseases Myth: All kidney diseases are incurable. Fact: No, all kidney Diseases are not incurable.With early diagnosis and treatment many kidney diseases can be cured. In the majority of cases, early diagnosis and treatment can slow or halt further progression. Dr Mahendra Mulani Best Nephrologist
Signs & symptoms of kidney diseases kidney disease is silently progressing disease.many times patients will not get symptoms till kidney function reduced significantly. i m listing kidney symptoms here.please consult your doctors if u have kidney related symptoms and get proper evaluation done. Early treatment prevents further progression Dr mahendra mulani, Best nephrologist in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad
THE TREATMENT OF HYPERTENSION Hypertension can be managed by any doctor, then why do you need the best high blood pressure doctor.There are more then 100 medicines to control hypertension. But best doctor customize the treatment depending on cause of hypertension. He can not only prevent future complications but revers most of the complications that have occured already DR MAHENDRA MULANI Best high BP doctor Best Hypertension doctor
FREE IVF & LAPAROSCOPY CAMP We are organising a camp for TEST TUBE BABY & LAPAROSCOPIC GYNAEC SURGERY. in this camp we will give free consultation & will do sugar check & sonography scan in free. Patients who are registered in camp, if needs further treatment like IVF related any procesure or any type of laparoscopic gynaec surgery, we will do it later on in very nominal charges. please spread this message to your near & dear one. please take maximum advantage of camp. camp details is given in pamphlet. regards: AADHYA WOMEN'S & KIDNEY HOSPITAL
Free Kidney disease check up camp was organised successfully by Aadhya women's & Kidney Hospital 89 patients was completed checked with necessary blood test 10 patients found to have early kidney disease. these all patients will be benefited with early treatment. Thank u Jana pragati center for ur kind help Best Women's & Kidney Hospital in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad