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HAPPY WORLD KIDNEY DAY World kidney day is a global awareness campaign at raising awareness of importance of our kidneys. I wants to share some tips which helps to protect your kidney 1) Be fit and active Regular aerobic exercise and daily physical activity 2) Balanced diet Eat healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Decrease intake of refined foods, sugars and meat in diet 3) keep your weight in check 4) Give up smoking and tobacco products 5) Beware of over the counter painkiller on regular basis 6) Drinks lots of water Drinks at least 3 liter water per day that will help to eliminate all toxic wastes and prevent kidney stones 7) Annual kidney check up This is mainly for patient who has Diabetes , high blood pressure, obesity and family history of ckd Dr Mahendra Mulani Consultant Nephrologist

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SUCCESSFUL SURGERY OF COMPLICATED CASE We removed full term baby sized huge uterine fibroid. Weight of fibroid was 3.5 kg. Operation was completed successfully without any complications. Dr Astha mulani Gynaecologist & laparoscopic surgeon

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WORDS OF APPRECIATION FROM MY PATIENT. Thank u for kind words. Dr mahendra mulani

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MYTHS & FACTS ABOUT KIDNEY DISEASE - 4 MYTH: In Kidney disease, the presence of edema suggest kidney failure. FACT: NO. In certain kidney disease, edema is present, but kidney function may remain normal (Nephrotic syndrome). one has to understnd that edema is simply a manifastation of altered fluid mechanics in the body and one of the common causes of such manifestation is kidney disease. Vice versa, absence of edema does not necessarily rule out kidney failure. DR MAHENDRA MULANI CONSULTANT NEPHROLOGIST

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Myths & Facts about Kidney Diseases- 3 Myth: All patients with kidney Disease should drink a large amount of water Fact: No, Reduced urine output is an important feature of many kidney diseases. so water restriction is necessary to maintain water balance in such patients.However, patients suffering from kidney stone Disease and urinary tract infection with normal renal function are advised to drink a large amount of water. Dr Mahendra Mulani Consultant Nephrologist

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Conducted CME among Ahmedabad Homeopathic medical association Delivered lecture on Approach to patient with Acute Kidney Injury. Thank u Dr Tadhani sir and team for making this academic meeting successful. Dr Mahendra Mulani Consultant Nephrologist

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CONDUCTED CME AMONG AHMEDABAD EAST DOCTORS CIRCLE It was very nice interactive session on Fluids & Electrolytes problems. 80 Doctors has attended CME. Thank u Dr Tripathi sir and team for This wonderful meeting. Thank u all doctors for attending today's meeting.. Dr Mahendra Mulani Consultant Nephrologist Aadhya women's & Kidney Hospital

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Myths and Facts about Kidney Diseases-2 Myth: Kidney failure can occur if one Kidney fails Fact: No, Kidney failure occurs only when both kidneys fail.In most cases, affected individuals may not manifest any problem if one Kidney fails completely, and in such cases, the values of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine in the blood test may remain within normal range. However, when both kidneys fail, waste products accumulate in the body and the raised level of creatinine in blood test may be indicative of kidney failure Dr Mahendra Mulani Best Nephrologist

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Myths and Facts about Kidney Diseases Myth: All kidney diseases are incurable. Fact: No, all kidney Diseases are not incurable.With early diagnosis and treatment many kidney diseases can be cured. In the majority of cases, early diagnosis and treatment can slow or halt further progression. Dr Mahendra Mulani Best Nephrologist

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Wishing you & your family A very Happy NAVRATRI Enjoy this Divine& Holy festival Dr Mahendra Mulani Dr Astha Mulani