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We r organizing a Free dignostic kidney Health camp on world kidney day ( 14/3/2019). Please take advantage of camp. Dr mahendra mulani Consultant nephrologist

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On world kidney week, small initiative to spread awareness about Hypertension& kidney disease.

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FREE IVF & LAPAROSCOPY CAMP We are organising a camp for TEST TUBE BABY & LAPAROSCOPIC GYNAEC SURGERY. in this camp we will give free consultation & will do sugar check & sonography scan in free. Patients who are registered in camp, if needs further treatment like IVF related any procesure or any type of laparoscopic gynaec surgery, we will do it later on in very nominal charges. please spread this message to your near & dear one. please take maximum advantage of camp. camp details is given in pamphlet. regards: AADHYA WOMEN'S & KIDNEY HOSPITAL

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CONSULTANT NEPHROLOGIST AT GCS MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL I have joined as consultant nephrologist at GCS Hospital & Medical research center. I will be available there for opd patients consultation on FRIDAY (2 to 4 pm) & SATURDAY (9 to 11 am). I will be available daily for indoor patients consultation. Dr MAHENDRA MULANI, CONSULTANT NEPHROLOGIST

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CONSULTANT NEPHROLOGIST AT GCS MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL I have joined GCS Hospital & Medical research center as visiting nephrologist. i will be available there for opd patients consultation on friday (2 to 4 pm) & saturday ( 9 to 11 am). i will be avilable daily for indoor patients consultation. DR MAHENDRA MULANI, CONSULTANT NEPHROLOGIST

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KIDNEY HOSPITAL IN AHMEDABAD. AADHYA HOSPITAL is first in Bapunagar Ahmedabad which provides 24 hours nephrology services and all types of gynec surgery with modern laproscopy facility.

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Kidney hospital in Ahmedabad for kidney care includes laparoscopic surgery, lithotripsy center, dialysis centre, nephrological care by nephrologist, urologist.

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LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON IN BAPUNAGAR AHMEDABAD Compared to traditional open surgery, patients often experience less pain, a shorter recovery, and less scarring with laparoscopic surgery.

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IVF CENTER IN BAPUNAGAR AHMEDABAD. Welcome to Ahmedabad’s most prominent IVF & Fertility center to turn your hope into reality. Aadhya Kidney & Women’s Hospital is Ahmedabad, India based best & affordable IVF Center and Fertility Clinic.

Conducted CME among Maninagar Medical Circle Doctors.